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Are Facebook Ads Discriminatory? It’s Complicated

Facebook’s Response. Rob Goldman, Facebook’s VP for Advertising, released a statement responding to the original allegations of age-discrimination. In the statement, Facebook denies wrongdoing, both for its own advertising practices and for facilitating age-targeting in the context of employment and recruitment.

This piece was originally published at NBC’s THINK.Facebook has admitted a serious problem with the platform’s advertising function that is allowing racial discrimination on its site. But there is a way to fix it – if the company is willing.

It’s probably happened to you: You’re searching online for the perfect gift to get someone, when you head over to Facebook, only to see ads all over your feed for the things you were looking at.

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Why can’t Facebook just fix it? It’s complicated, with reasons that include Facebook’s size, its business model and technical limitations. ability to suck up all our data and use it to target.

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We write about what we learned from the microsoft antitrust case, where Microsoft did abuse its position with Windows.

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The company’s system for targeting ads is under fire for gender and ethnic bias. In some cases, the cure could be worse than the disease.

Facebook said on thursday. announced sweeping changes to its targeted advertising system after being sued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which argued that its software.

As Facebook prepares to accept a $5 billion fine and an unprecedented level of regulatory oversight for its data misuse. How they barraged such voters with targeted ads and content across social.

After another round of company-wide layoffs, IBM is being sued in federal court for age discrimination. The lawsuit claims that in its push to hire millennials. of using age-restricted employment.