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Azure HDInsight Analytics Platform Now Supports Apache Hadoop 3.0

This week at the DataWorks Summit, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure HDInsight 3.6, backed by Microsoft’s enterprise-grade SLA.HDInsight 3.6 brings updates to various open source components in the Apache Hadoop and Spark ecosystem to the cloud, allowing customers to deploy them easily and run them reliably on an enterprise-grade platform.

Microsoft today announced its cloud-based Hadoop service, HDInsight, now supports Hadoop 2.4. Hadoop-compatible service on its Microsoft Azure platform, based on the Hortonworks Hadoop distribution.

Microsoft has expanded its Azure data services platform to support Apache Hadoop in Azure HDInsight and add new machine learning capabilities in the azure marketplace. revealed this week at the Strata + Hadoop World event in New York, the expanded platform is part of Microsoft’s commitment to providing big data to more customers via the cloud.

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This is a guest blog from Shaofeng Shi, Senior Architect from Kyligence Inc. introducing kyligence analytics platform kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) is an enterprise-ready big data warehouse on Apache Hadoop. Created by the same development team of Apache Kylin, an open-source distributed OLAP engine for big data, KAP inherits all Kylin’s advantages and has more innovations,

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Apache Hadoop components available with different HDInsight versions. Azure hdinsight supports multiple hadoop cluster versions that can be deployed at any time. Each version choice creates a specific version of the HDP distribution and a set of components that are contained within that distribution. As of April 4, 2017, the default cluster.

 · Introducing Kyligence Big Data OLAP Analytics Platform Version 2.5! Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP), powered by Apache Kylin, is an enterprise OLAP engine on Hadoop.KAP enables sub-second SQL query latency on petabyte-scale dataset, provides high concurrency at web-scale, and empowers analysts to architect Big Data analytics with industry-standard data warehouses.

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Inside the microsoft azure hdinsight cloud infrastructure -guide Learn more about the Cloudera Hadoop distribution Abie Reifer, DecisionWorx Cloudera distribution, including Apache Hadoop, provides an analytics platform and the latest open source technologies to store, process, discover, model and serve large amounts of data.

Microsoft and Hortonworks have come together to help companies by offering the big data analytics platform on the Azure cloud service. organizations can now experience the complete capabilities of a high-powered, fully managed cloud service environment powered by Apache Hadoop , Apache Spark using Microsoft Azure HDInsight.