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Brexit: the negotiation game

Brexit through the lens of Edward’s Game. Brexit is playing out in the House of Commons, while the world watches in dismay. It is evident that no-one, except the economists who are commenting, the EU and the horrified public, is behaving in a way that can be explained by the rational, analytical tools of game theory.

By this stage the game had moved into the near future of early autumn 2019. The cross-party negotiations had failed to reach.

Brexit. The Brexit negotiations are a game – Britain must start being pro-active This is a political battle and the EU has won this round. Britain has to step up.

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What two-level game theory can teach us about Brexit negotiations The UK has drawn several red lines ahead of the Brexit negotiations. But will we be able to secure a favourable exit deal from the EU?

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If the Brexit negotiation process is doing one thing for British politics, it’s in shining a very bright light on the strategic manoeuvring of politicians on all sides. And simple game theory.

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The Brexit negotiations are a game of chicken between a juggernaut and a Mini – and Britain is the Mini. We’re told that such preparations will demonstrate that we can’t be bullied, or rolled over. Ignore, or downplay, the threat to us from a collapse in the talks, and emphasise the cost to them.

It reads as follows. . . To say that the Irish are keeping their cards close to their chest on this Brexit thing is an.

All negotiations are approached by a certain amount of chest thumping on each side; it’s the nature of the game, but to compare the Greek situation with Brexit smacks of nit picking. The EU has acted towards Greece in the manner of a playground bully; and we all know that playground bullies will never dare use the same tactics with bigger boys.

During the Brexit process, some leave supporting politicians compared the negotiations to a game of poker, often saying that the UK were effectively showing their hand and weakening their bargaining position.