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How to get on the housing ladder

By listening to the customer, Little Giant has designed and engineered a new class of safe and innovative ladder solutions for those who get stuff done. through programs focused on safe, affordable.

Despite the much publicised problems in the US Housing Market, there are. But , for many it provides the only realistic hope of getting on the property ladder.

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Buying a home in this way can make it possible to get on the first rung of the property ladder. The income from a buy to let property should cover the mortgage payments on the property itself and may provide a surplus which could put towards rent.

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Housing charity Shelter sent out a warning last week. Investment plan: how to get your child on the housing ladder for 230 a month. starting to save during a child’s early years and helping them onto the housing ladder in their early twenties.

More opportunities to get on the housing ladder. You were only allowed to buy a property with one more bedroom that your need. So, if you were single or a couple with no children, you could only apply for a one or two bedroom home; if you had one child that would increase to three bedrooms and so on.

You may think you have no chance of getting on the housing ladder but there are some new products available which may change that.

 · If you despair of the housing market in the UK, change tack and head for the sun. Whether you buy a holiday home or an expat retreat, there’s a world of choice available to help you maximise your profits. Here are 20 great places around the globe to get on the housing ladder.

The Conservative Party leader has stated that eligible people would be able to register to buy a new-build home with a discount of up to 20% from the normal price, which could provide thousands of young people with the financial step-up that they need to get on to the property ladder.

How much do you need to earn to get on the property ladder? The average first-time buyer needs an average household income of 54,400 to secure a mortgage on their first property.