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All You Need To Know About Income Tax refund. adhil shetty. Bankbazaar.com. 4 july 2018. reblog.. but while filing the income tax return your actual tax liability is ascertained to be only Rs.

No, OPC Registration Process is a fully on-line process. As all documents are filed electronically, you would not need to be physically present at all. You would need to send us scanned copies of all the required documents & forms.

Must Know Guide for filing income tax return, ITR, For Easy Filing and reading about income tax return visit taxwix.com regulaly. Must Know Guide for Filing Income Tax return, ITR, For Easy Filing and reading about Income Tax return visit taxwix.com regulaly.

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If you have not used any of the above method, then Income tax return- verification form (i.e. popularly known as ITR V) will get generated. You are required to take a print out and send the singed copy to CPC, Bangalore by ordinary post. Taxpayer need to sign Income Tax Return – Verification form in blue ink

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Here are five things one needs to know if the income tax return is not filed: Fine. A three-tier fee system has been announced for not filing the income tax return within the due date. If the tax return is filed beyond due date but before December 31, then the fine payable will be Rs.5,000 whereas in other situations it will be Rs.10,000.

All you need to know about Income Tax returns. Non-Tech; Whenever the financial year is coming to an end on 31 st March, all we can think about is the returns that need to be filed thereafter. To make your life simpler, I have put below a few steps that you need to take that can help you in filing your income tax returns on time without any worries:

New Income Tax Return Forms: All You Need To Know. The fields in the ITR forms have undergone changes in many places, seeking more details from taxpayers than they did in previous years. In terms of applicability, the following table lists out the different forms and to whom each category is applicable: Here are key changes in the ITR Forms for Assessment Year 2018-19.