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Months after getting out of the NRA insurance business, headaches pile up for Lockton

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After New York clamped down on Carry Guard, the two insurance companies that brokered and underwrote the program – Lockton and Chubb – each entered into consent agreements with the state and ceased working with the NRA. The multinational insurance market Lloyd’s of London has also banned any firms who work with it from underwriting NRA.

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NRA boycott backfiring on dozens of companies.. the NRA and other gun rights advocates speak out in favor of arming school. still gives NRA Business Alliance members up to a 26-percent.

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Chubb, the insurer for the program, said it pulled out of the gun insurance program several months ago. However the NRA website continues to identify Illinois Union Insurance Co., a Chubb excess.

Home Business Companies that have cut ties with the NRA.. The insurer announced it was ending participation in the NRA’s gun-owner insurance program, though it provided notice three months ago.

Lockton Cos. L.L.C. agreed Wednesday to pay $7 million to New York regulators to settle charges that the brokerage’s National Rifle Association-branded insurance program violated state law and.

A spokesman for Lockton Cos. said the company could not comment on pending litigation. Lockton Affinity was the broker and administrator of NRA Carry Guard, an insurance product marketed to NRA.

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Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Lockton Inc is the world’s largest privately-held insurance broker, reporting around $1.3 billion in revenue in 2016. The public campaign was launched Oct 19th, about two months after the organizations sent private letters to Chubb and Lockton asking the companies to end their work with the NRA.

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