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Santander UK puts £58m cost on credit card trouble

Unlike most current accounts, the Santander ZERO current account has no fees on either arranged or unarranged overdrafts. Until now, however, the ZERO account was only available to customers who have a mortgage or an investment product with Santander, but the bank is making the account also available to customers who hold 10,000 or more in savings with them.

Santander UK has earmarked 58 million to compensate mistreated credit card customers in what appears to be a further conduct embarrassment for the Spanish-owned bank.

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The good news for consumers juggling debts built up before Christmas is that the UK credit card market is in the grip. If they hold Santander’s popular 123 account, the actual cost of that.

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01/03/2010 – I received a letter for the consumer affairs division with the pay off amount given by Santander and the fact that my account was not updated correctly. The payoff was good until 01/08/2011. 01/07/2011 – Paid Santander off check account next day 0.00 balance NOW . credit report shows late 30 days in November and 60 days in December.

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MasterCard and Santander have announced that they will work together to issue MasterCard debit cards to the bank’s current retail account customers. Customers will begin to receive cards early next year, as part of a four-year reissuing program and an eight-year agreement with MasterCard. More than 9 million U.K.

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Santander. of several £5 fees triggered by not paying in the required minimum amount each month. Munkley’s case comes days after judges at the UK’s supreme court were told that the ability of a.

Santander launches a debit card that provides Select customers with free cash withdrawals from the Group’s 30,000 ATMs worldwide The santander select debit card brings customers the benefits of belonging to a global bank with a strong international presence.

New figures show that full-time workers in Britain spend £91bn a year just to do their job, according to Santander. off-set the costs by using credit cards, where you can earn cashback or rack up.