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Save Up, Live Down

 · Commit to sitting down with your money once a week for a money date.. sometimes choosing quality over quantity will save you more in the long run. Save up.

For example, if you’re starting at zero and planning to buy a house using a $44,000 down payment, you could save $675 per month in a money market account, Federal Deposit Insurance corporation (fdic) insured, that might pay 0.29% annually. And you could save your down payment in five years.

Before you begin saving a down payment for a house, you first have to know how much you’ll need to save. Plan to sit down with a mortgage lender who will let you know how much of a mortgage you can qualify for. Generally speaking, your housing expense should not exceed 28 percent of your stable monthly income.

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If you're wondering how to save for a house, the answer isn't rocket science. All you. Saving up enough for a down payment is totally doable with a few smart strategies.. and we'll help you on your way to discover the place you'll love to live.

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I’m thinking I should live in my car to save up for a means to get a home, because atleast then, even if most my paycheck gets eaten, at least property taxes seem to raise slower than rent. My friend says it isn’t worth it. But I don’t seem to see how it isn’t worth it at this point. I feel like I’m going to end up.

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