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Workers’ fury as British Steel collapses putting 25K jobs at risk

THERESA May incensed Brexit-backing Ministers by killing off a Cabinet debate on No Deal despite calls for a "step change" in preparation, The Sun can reveal. Brexit secretary stephen barclay made an impassioned plea for the Government to increase contingency planning – arguing that a cliff-edge exit on October 31 would be "far worse" for [.]

The US has said it would it impose sanctions on Iran’s iron, steel, aluminium and copper sectors. some of its commitments under the 2015 nuclear accord, putting the deal at risk of collapse. Mr.

Battle to save British Steel jobs at Scunthorpe: “If we lose this turn out the lights” §The Secretary of State for the Environment (Mr. Patrick Jenkin) I think that by common consent the most significant measure foreshadowed in the Gracious Speech is the Local Government Bill.The words are: A Bill will be introduced to abolish the Greater London Council and the metropolitan county councils. When our manifesto was published in 1983 with that pledge, some people doubted our.

In a ‘sickening’ case of ‘hypocrisy’, the UK has effectively outsourced the corporate tax haven game to a ‘spider’s web’ of offshore territories, which opted to stay connected to Britain after the.

Families call for firm to be nationalised as it collapses to put 25,000 jobs at risk while minister claims it would be illegal to step in under EU law. British Steel worker Frank Giaquinto said.

But the facts and figures section is no longer there – a telling sign perhaps of how Tata has scaled back its aspirations following a collapse in. there is a clear risk of a backlash against.

Tata and other western producers blame China’s own dumping for a collapse in prices. Rmb100bn to help “resettle” some of the 500,000 steel workers who will lose their jobs. Some estimates put China.

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Tesco is set to axe hundreds of jobs in boss Dave Lewis’s latest move to cut costs. The supermarket giant consults with staff as early as this week on the redundancies, which are likely to be at.

The problem of drugs in our prisons is a serious one. And the current epidemic of Spice is putting lives at risk. But one jail has found the answer – a photocopier. A major way of smuggling Spice is.

Furious workers and their families are demanding action to save British Steel after it today collapsed, with the government citing EU rules that make a bailout illegal. The country’s second-largest steel firm is now in liquidation, meaning up to 4,000 jobs in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, 800 in Teesside and 20,000 in the UK supply chain are now [.]

Unexpired Lease Timebomb: new worries over sale fall-throughs Irish government bond yield spreads over Germany were near their widest level since late May as worries over the economic impact of a messy brexit hurt demand for the country’s debt.