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3 candidates for Raleigh mayor differ on how best to spend your money

McFarlane wins re-election in Raleigh mayor’s race submitted 1. In the years she has served as Raleigh’s Mayor, in my view, this chasm has deepened on her watch.. Either he did not spend his own money or he did not report it. His signs are littering N Raleigh (Glenwood towards 540)

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Nancy McFarlane is the mayor of Raleigh in North Carolina. She was first elected in 2011 and was re-elected in 2013, 2015 and 2017. mcfarlane defeated charles francis to secure a fourth term in the runoff election on November 7, 2017. Though Raleigh’s elections are officially nonpartisan, McFarlane ran as an independent candidate in all four elections.

The three candidates running for mayor of Raleigh tackled questions ranging from the economy to public safety during a debate on thursday evening. questions were received via Twitter.

 · The voters will ultimately decide which path is best. It’ll be months before the first Democratic primary ballot is cast, but it’s not too early to start thinking about who will get your vote.

MLBRaleigh on Twitter: Today we officially declare Raleigh a candidate for a Major League Baseball franchise. We hope to show, beyond a doubt, our City and its people are ready. Join the Movement and let’s create something special.

McFarlane had received a majority of the vote in each of her three previous mayoral campaigns dating back to 2011. Before 2017, her lowest vote percentage in a mayoral election was 61 percent. She received greater than 73 percent of the vote in each of her two prior re-election campaigns in 2013 and.

This year’s elections for Raleigh mayor & city council will impact the lives of all city residents. Meet the candidates & go vote:

Under Giellis’ lead, the River North Art District used its seven-figure budget to float $3 million in debt, pitching in the money for the city’s effort to rebuild Brighton Boulevard, and the.

3 candidates for raleigh mayor differ on how best to spend your money. Who are the candidates for Raleigh mayor getting money from? An NBA coach, among others September 15, 2017 03:17 PM.

Meet the candidates on your 2018 ballot. See all the races this year in North Carolina. Voting Tools: Check your registration status Register to vote Find early voting sites in your county Find your Election Day polling place Contact your county board of elections Have problems or questions about voting?

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