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Banks must pass along full rate cut: Lowe

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut interest rates by another 0.25 per cent, following its first cut since August 2016 just last month. This brings the new cash rate to 1 per cent. However, while a record low, the decision was not a surprise. The National Australia Bank had tipped three rate cuts before Christmas 2019, echoing similar predictions from JP Morgan

The chance of the major banks passing on in full any further cuts in official interest rates is rapidly diminishing. Interest rates: Banks won’t pass on cut, so forget pitchforks and flaming torches

 · Banks must pass along full rate cut: Lowe . Rare-earth elements are vital to American industries and society: David Morgan . How to cash in on Facebook’s cryptocurrency . European Central Bank sets conditions for securing loans at rebate rate

The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan While Jared Kushner’s hobnobbing with royalty in London may have turned his head, whether he knows it or not, the days of Lord Curzon and Lord Balfour are long gone, the colonial era is over. With the neocolonial plans they have concocted for the Palestinians, he and his Israeli allies are swimming against the tide of history.What Would It Take To Spark A Rural/Small-Town Revival? What Would It Take To Spark A rural/small-town revival? 06/08/2019 Recent research supports the idea that this under-the-radar migration is already under way. The decline of rural regions and small towns is a global phenomenon, and the causes are many but boil down to two primary dynamics: 1.

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Commercial and Financial Chronicle, December 14, 1872, Vol. 15, No. 390 by William B. (William Buck) Dana

A legal loophole lets an out-of-state bank, working through check-cashing outlets, charge 390 percent on small loans. Such outrageous usury must end. A House bill would do that and set up a commission to suggest alternative lending practices for people in poor neighborhoods. Medicaid payment rates.

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