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Battle to save British Steel jobs at Scunthorpe: “If we lose this turn out the lights”

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However, sources indicate these talks have failed to save any jobs and the all. sites including its giant Scunthorpe plant, SSI’s Redcar furnace was shut down and Caparo Industries collapsed into.

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Battle to save british steel jobs at Scunthorpe: "If we lose this turn out the lights" Alex Wood The Yorkshire post. united kingdom contact alex. battle to save British Steel jobs at Scunthorpe: "If we lose this turn out the lights" "It’s the life and soul of our town centre – if we lose this, Here’s what you need to know.

 · Losing the battle to keep female flesh off Afghan TV KABUL: Eight years after the fall of the Taleban, who banned television and barred women from appearing in public without an all-enveloping. / LONDON (Reuters) – British Steel, the country’s second largest steel producer, has collapsed and put 25,000 jobs at risk after failing. the operation of the main site in.

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The men in steel want a Minister in this Government who will stand up for British Steel, not consign it to the knackers’ yard. From the public they want the recognition that those who buy Italian washing machines, German cookers, French fridges and cars from anywhere but Britain are putting their steel workers out of jobs.

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