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EU urged to look into cartel claim on trackers

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EU Commission Cartel Enforcement Policy and Priorities Impact on Defense and Civil Litigation Strategies Marc Hansen Brussels and London Latham & Watkins operates as a limited liability partnership worldwide with an affiliate in the United Kingdom and Italy, where the practice is conducted through an affiliated multinational partnership.

The news comes after three Iranian gun boats swarmed passing oil tanker British Heritage late on Wednesday in an illegal bid to force it into enemy waters. government was concerned by the incident.

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EU urged to look into cartel claim on trackers. Niamh Lyons, Ireland Political Editor. Call for sea change in attitudes to victims of sexual offences.

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The Commission launched a damages claim in 2008 on behalf of the EU after its had fined the four companies and Mitsubishi Elevator Europe 992 million euros ($1.3 billion) for the cartel in Belgium.

The CJEU has ruled in Cartel Damage Claims Hydrogen Peroxide v Akzo Nobel NV Case C-352/13 that, in a German follow-on damages competition claim: (i) the German court retains jurisdiction over the claim, even where the applicant has withdrawn its action against the sole co-defendant domiciled in Germany; and (ii) for a jurisdiction clause to apply in a follow-on claim it must refer to disputes.

Title Insurer First American Says App Defect May Have Exposed Customer Data First American confirmed in a statement to CNN Business Saturday that “On May 24th, First American learned of a design defect in one of its production applications that made possible unauthorized.

Trucks Cartel. According to the Commission, the trucks cartel consisted of collusive arrangements on pricing and gross price increases in the EEA for medium and heavy trucks, and the timing and the passing on of costs for the introduction of emission technologies for medium and heavy trucks required by EURO 3 to 6 standards.

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The claim was struck out by the UK High Court with confirmation that claims for cartel damages arising from non-EU purchases may not succeed where they lack a sufficiently close territorial.