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Expat guide to renting out your UK home

When you rent your house, it is important you have the correct landlord insurance in place. Your existing home and contents insurance will not be sufficient. This can be expensive so it is important to shop around. For more information about how to rent your house, please read our detailed guide to renting out your home.

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Many expats rent out their UK properties instead of selling them when they move abroad. This can provide income, make sure they have a base to return to and make it easier to obtain further mortgages later on. It can be tempting to cut out the middle man, find tenants and manage the maintenance and rent collection yourself – thus saving agency fees.

Renting private student accommodation in the UK If you want to rent student accommodation in the UK, make sure you read the tenancy agreement and check if your property has the appropriate rental licencing. Exemptions and allowances. For expats, if you live outside the UK but spend 90+ days in your UK property, you can nominate this to be your principal residence and get PRR.

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Home / London & UK / Tips for Expats Renting an Apartment in London;. then this will likely include all bills and fees in your rent, but if not, here’s what you’ll typically have to fork out for:. Join some expat forums and find out firsthand other Australian people’s experiences in.

It may be worthwhile holding on to your home until after you have experienced a period of living abroad. This way, should you decide that the expat life isn’t for you, you will repatriation much more easily. It may be a good idea to rent out your home, initially at least, whilst you test the water.

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You can cut your rent in Thailand by 40% through negotiation. We show you how to negotiate rent in an exclusive guide for our supporters. Finding a Job. Should you get a job before you get to Thailand? Or should you get a job after you’ve arrived in Thailand? This is what you, as a future Thailand expat, have to weigh out.