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Former Gearbox employee provides proof Randy Pitchford diverted funds to personal company

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Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has been accused. various other loans and payments and that he abused his company credit card for personal expenses. Pitchford said on Twitter: “The attacks made by my.

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New documents in the suit filed by Wade Callender, former Gearbox corporate counsel, against Randy Pitchford back up a claim that Pitchford diverted studio money to a personal company. A new filing in the ongoing legal struggle between former Gearbox corporate counsel Wade Callender and studio president Randy Pitchford provides evidence for one of the suit’s most damning accusations.

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Former. Randy Pitchford, alleging that they prove Pitchford diverted Gearbox funds to a personal account. As we reported in January, Callender launched a counter-lawsuit after Gearbox brought legal.

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New documents in the suit filed by Wade Callender, former Gearbox corporate counsel, against Randy Pitchford back up a claim that Pitchford diverted studio money to a personal company. Mike Futter,Wed.

So the 15 million came from 2K to help gearbox finish developing borderlands 3. And the money is to be paid back after the game ships. Pitchford reportedly had the money diverted to his own company instead, but here’s where I get completely confused. There’s an amendment to the bonus contract which authorizes that very thing.

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For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Randy Pitchford is DONE!! Former Gearbox employee provides proof!!".

The newest piece of intel may be the most damning against Gearbox president Randy. As employees of Gearbox, Pitchford and fellow founder and current CFO Stephen Bahl (who supposedly copped the.