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Generation Rent begins to find home of its own

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Generation rent is fragmented and as yet voiceless. Yet, generation rent is a pretty large and increasing segment of society. In the 2013 Census, 52% of over 15 year olds lived in a rental property (and 57% in Auckland). Renters are typically young (under 40) but people of every age are increasingly more likely to rent.

Generation Rent on the rise as less youngsters becoming homeowners. home ownership among young people has shrunk massively, from 57% people 10 years ago to 37% now, and the average age of those who first get onto the property ladder is now 33, compared to 30 back in 2006/2007.

"Where is it written that a couple on average wages has the right to their own their own property in London or the SE and have a family ." Its not. but clearly with wage distribution if the average couple both earning the median wage cannot afford a house / family then there will be more people who ‘cannot than can’ – single people, those who.

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GENERATION RENT campaigns for professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable private rented homes in sustainable communities.. Join us today and help campaign for a better deal for private renters.