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Of Illinois and Missouri, which has higher taxes? You might be surprised.

 · Generally, states with both high average incomes and higher-than-average state tax burdens would be impacted. But remember, if you paid $12,000 in state and local taxes, you’re still looking at a $10,000 deduction – if you itemize. So you don’t want to entirely write off the possibility of itemizing deductions.

I pay illinois state tax, and it’s fairly close to Missouri’s state tax rate. My taxes are taken out at basically the same rate by the employer and when I file my taxes with both Missouri and Illinois (accountant does it for me) I get back roughly the same amount. Usually less than $100 for both. Hope that helps.

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I work for the city with co workers that have massive pension. 99% live outside the state. I make enough to pay any tax increase so I honestly don’t care, but yeah hearing about all these pension and then raising don’t have to be a economist to realize something is fundamentally wrong.

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Taxes Are Still Too High for Missouri. While this does not mean Missouri has the highest tax rate, it does mean that Missouri is not one of the lower-rate states, either. This ranking can understate how Missouri’s rates compare for most people. For example, California’s top tax rate is much higher than Missouri’s.

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J.B. Pritzker’s administration plans to get by capping the service fee that merchants charge the state for processing sales taxes. You might. than half of Illinois’ 1.75 percent rate. Only Missouri.

Hi Angela, Your W2s say Missouri because your employer is withholding Missouri tax, not Illinois tax. That’s the right way to do it, you withhold for the state you work in, not the one you live in. Illinois doesn’t actually need your W2 showing the Missouri tax, but if you’re sending W2s, it’s not going to hurt anything to send them the Missouri W2.

 · You might study Illinois Democrats efforts to increase taxes on the rolling stock of trucking firms. They more than tripled the taxes and promptly saw overall revenue decline. – ExHoosier.

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You might be surprised.. Missouri has a 4.225% state sales tax. (Which works out to 4 and 9/40 cents.. and – after you stop at the famed South of the border tourist trap on Interstate 95.

WEST ALTON, Mo. – Higher taxes on gas and cigarettes will take effect Monday, giving Illinois residents one more reason to spend their money in neighboring Missouri. The Phillips 66 Rivers Edge.