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Opinion: why Saudi Arabia’s housing goals need empowered women

Yemeni troops backed by a Saudi-led coalition entered the airport of Yemen’s most important port city late Friday, dealing a blow to Iran-backed Houthis there and moving closer to their goal of.

Saudi Arabia has also taken steps to better respond to violence against women and to provide women with better access to government services. In 2013, it passed a law criminalizing domestic abuse and, in 2016, established a center specifically tasked with receiving and responding to reports of family violence.

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Buy Saudi. Saudi Arabia wants to source SAR270bn local goods over the next five years to counter a tendency to import whatever the kingdom needs. Today, just over a third of products in the kingdom are locally produced and the goal is to increase that to 50 per cent by 2020, with industries including pharmaceuticals,

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It’s a startling reminder about why our industry is making snail-like progress in coping with all the changes and trends in the Saudi market. So let’s look at four trends shaping saudi Arabia today. 1. Growth and diversication of the non-oilrevenue stream Imagine you’re a farmer who only sells apples at $10 per kilo.

For example, during the same week of the attacks in France, Saudi Arabia convicted one. radicalism and the reasons why radical activists have “hijacked” or “stolen” mainstream islam. based on.

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LGBT rights. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world where homosexual acts are not only illegal but punishable by execution. There have also been raids on "gay parties" and men have been arrested for "behaving like women". The usual penalties inflicted have been limited to flogging and imprisonment.

We need funding to be able to bolt walls in Saudi Arabia." Her goal in the next two years is to have more outdoor spaces to climb "because we do have the mountains but we don’t have the.

Saudi Arabia’s Housing Goals Need Empowered Women. Bloomberg – Karen E. Young. Pakistan PM suspends police amid outrage over child’s murder. Reuters – Jibran Ahmad. Pakistan successfully test-fires ballistic missile Shaheen-II capable of hitting India.

Saudi Arabia is the most profoundly gender-segregated nation on Earth, and amid the fraught, fragile, extraordinary changes under way in the daily lives of the kingdom’s women-multiple.