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Reece & Nichols drops ampersand between names

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change those three. The signage is a little bit larger because they are using an ampersand between the names Reece and Nichols. The sign also appears larger than it is because of the ampersand. The sign is allowed to be less than 5% of the faade, and the applicant is still below that percentage. Staff is recommending approval with the

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Drop cloths, old lumber, and many late nights painting combined with local hardware store materials (traditionally not used for art of this magnitude) turned into an organic partnership. The result if you look around is a cross reveal of Hyper-Realism meets Jackson Pollock, this chaotic yet talented style influenced the work that surrounds the.

United States Registration No. 3079087 is for the standard character mark REECE & NICHOLS. The other two registrations shown in the table above are for design marks in which the name REECE & NICHOLS is the prominent feature, with "REECE" and "NICHOLS" in a particular type font and the ampersand enclosed in a box.

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Our historical ties to Kansas City date back to 1905 with the formation of J.C. Nichols Real Estate and the creation of the J.D. Reece Company in 1987. In 2001, these two iconic brands were merged to form ReeceNichols, the undisputed market leader in Kansas City real estate – selling more real estate than the next 7 companies combined.

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