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Sydney woman buys first home despite losing ‘six-figure salary’

"Addressing these key barriers to housing affordability could deliver residential housing products in metropolitan Sydney as much as 20 percent cheaper than today’s prices, and with vastly more manageable deposits for key workers looking to buy a home," he said. View the Key Worker housing affordability in Sydney infographic

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How to have a life when you have a young family. women put family first, bulk buys and cheap supermarkets are popular with families – they can save you serious money over time when you’re feeding a crowd. As can buying – or selling – second hand goods, or doing a house swap holiday..

Sydney woman Suzanne Holohan was "on the cusp" of buying her first home when a life-changing decision threw a spanner in the works. At the time, Ms Holohan was earning a six-figure salary in a corporate job in the banking industry, but while she enjoyed her role, it "just didn’t feel right".

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Samuel Li earns about A$180,000 ($190,903) a year working as a successful lawyer, but that’s still not enough to survive in Sydney. With two young kids. around the world – building her own.

Scott Morrison isn’t sure if his plan to help some Australians buy their first home more easily will increase house prices. But he claims it won’t push them lowers.