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The Legacy of Redlining

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Across the Rust Belt, the legacy of this bureaucratic discrimination is still apparent today. In the maps below, I layered current income data from the U.S. Census on top of the HOLC maps of Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago. On the Census layer, dark grey areas are above the poverty line while light grey areas are below the poverty line.

Wing Luke Museum exhibit explores Seattle’s legacy of redlining Documenting Seattle’s racist past-and planning for the future By Sarah Anne Lloyd @sarahannelloyd Mar 7, 2019, 4:48pm PST

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The legacy of redlining is felt by communities of color whose property values are significantly lower than neighboring communities just outside the "red line." A Legacy of Segregation and Discrimination: Redlining.the housing sector is a prime example of the confluence of influences, often working together, to tilt the playing field away from.

Mapping the Lasting Effects of Redlining. Old mortgage risk-assesment maps and recent Census data show that contemporary poverty rates align with racist midcentury lending policies. The legacy of redlining remains entrenched across the country today. Tachovsky, a data analyst, has drawn on those old HOLC maps and recent Census data.

Redlining is a term that describes the discriminatory practices of denying minority populations access to equal loan and housing opportunities. Emerging in the 1930s, redlining was embraced in the real estate industry for decades and shaped the social landscape of numerous American cities, large and small.

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Redlining, the practice of denying one group of people equal service, terms or access, became an official federal housing policy beginning in. The Legacy of Redlining on US Cities The Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) was a government-sponsored corporation created as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

In 1937, the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation rated a Dayton neighborhood just northwest of the confluence of Wolf Creek and the Great Miami River as extremely risky for loans. Agency officials wrote.