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Undesign the Redline — designing the WE

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October 12, 2018 -The Health Department’s Center for Health Equity, in partnership with the social impact studio Designing the WE, today announced the expansion of the exhibit Undesign the Redline to the Brownsville, Brooklyn and East Harlem Neighborhood health action centers. undesign the Redline opened last January at the Bronx Action.

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Sacramento prosecutors win accolades for work in JP Morgan case U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner and three members of his staff have been honored by California Lawyer magazine with its "Attorneys of the Year" award for leading an investigation that forced JP Morgan Chase, the nation’s biggest bank, to cough up $13 billion for its role in creating toxic mortgage debt, Wagner’s office announced today.

Designing the WE April 4, 2018 The rapid influx of investments in neighborhoods long depreciated by policies like Redlining, and urban renewal, continues to create massive shifts in socio-spatial dynamics like access, affordability, wealth, and cultural inclusion.

Enterprise Community Partners and Designing the WE host public opening on Thursday, Nov. 1. NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 25, 2018) – On Thursday, Nov. 1, Enterprise Community Partners Inc. (Enterprise) and Designing the WE will host a public opening reception at the Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design for Undesign the Redline.

'Undesign the Redline': The Story Behind Unspoken Barriers. Putting real faces to the many statistics and dates which we, as tour guides,

Enterprise Community Partners has partnered designing the WE, the social impact design firm that developed Undesign the Redline, to bring the exhibit throughout the U.S. to examine how redlining practices have impacted each respective city. The exhibit is on view in the McCormick Gallery, BAC through April 29.

Undesign the Redline is an interactive exhibit exploring the history of race, class and U.S. housing policy, and how this legacy of inequity and exclusion continues to shape our communities. The exhibit seeks to spark a public discourse on how discriminatory federal policies from the 1930s continue to impact cleveland neighborhoods today.