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What to Do With Life Insurance Proceeds

In the midst of the custody battles, divvying up assets, searching for a new home, ensuring the children adjust as smoothly as possible and just generally re-acclimating to life as a single person,

First, you should know that, generally speaking, you won’t owe income taxes on your life insurance proceeds. This same rule applies to most inheritances. In other words, if you inherit money or property, you typically don’t treat what you receive as income. (The big exception to this is inheriting a 401(k) plan or Individual Retirement Account.)

Many financial advisors will tell you that life insurance proceeds are "tax-free." That is an exaggeration. Usually, life insurance death benefits are not subject to income tax. But what about the federal estate tax? If the estate is big enough, in 2016 greater than $5.43 million, the answer may surprise you.

Life insurance is an important, yet often overlooked, household financial need. It not only protects your family, it also protects your income today and down the line. Make no mistake, not having a.

Life insurance proceeds may well be tax-free, but you will want to make sure before you start making long-term plans for the money. Make long-term plans for this money. Once the money is safely in a bank and you know whether to keep any of it aside for tax purposes, you can start making some long-term plans.

While life insurance proceeds that are paid to a beneficiary are tax free, any interest received off investments of those proceeds are taxable. Looking at state specific municipal bonds can be a great way to remain conservative with your investments and generate income for yourself that is exempt from those taxes.

Since the basic requirements are a low household income and limited resources, certain types of life insurance policies are an asset that can affect Medicaid eligibility. A life insurance policy that has no cash value is an exempt rather than a countable asset.

In recent times life insurance companies have offered new incentives like cutting the premium rates of non smokers as well as customers who do not use drugs.

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For insurance policies entered into before 1 september 2009, under section 73 of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act (CLPA), a statutory trust is created over the proceeds of a life insurance policy in favour of the named beneficiaries, like your spouse or children.

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