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Why is Trump desperately trying to hide his history with Deutsche Bank?

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Trump has four large mortgages with Deutsche Bank, borrowing against three of his most prized possessions: the Doral golf resort in Florida, his Chicago tower, and his brand new Washington luxury.

President Donald Trump raised eyebrows with a series of tweets defending his banking history. Politics. News & Politics. the timing of Trump’s rant about Deutsche Bank, banks desperately.

Trump, in his bumbling way, tries to reference the real history to explain his contrarian views regarding Russia, Ukraine and NATO, but he is confronted by a solid wall of “group think” asserting only.

When Donald Trump sued Deutsche Bank in late 2008, it was "classic Trump", according to the German bank, which sued him back. The New york property developer was trying to wriggle out of $40m.

Jeff Flake’s announcement that he will not seek re-election holds significant potential implications for his party, throwing into question the GOP’s future direction as it veers toward President Trump.

Two years after Molo wrote his letter to the court, Trump settled his feud with the German bank. How he did it was bizarre: He paid back Deutsche with a massive lifeline-from Deutsche.

It is public knowledge that two well-known customers of Deutsche Bank have deals considered sensitive to scrutiny. One is Donald Trump. The other is-or was- Adnan Khashoggi.. The death of Saudi arms dealer and CIA fixer Adnan Khashoggi in London two weeks ago reminds the world again about Adnan Khashoggi’s rich history with fellow palm beach ‘homie’ Donald Trump.

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Theodoric Meyer / Politico: Lobbyist linked to Trump to host fundraiser for House Democrat.. Why is Trump desperately trying to hide his history with Deutsche Bank?. with Deutsche Bank.

Trump And His Kids Sue Deutsche Bank To Prevent Release Of Their Records. Donald Trump and his three children are obviously trying to hide something. There is no doubt about that whatsoever.

Does President Trump have the authority to prevent Deutsche Bank from supplying financial records relating to Trump’s businesses to the House of Representatives? That is a very good question. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a simple "yes" or "no" a.

It’s Worth Asking With all that history. his own research on Podesta’s consulting work for foreign governments in the context of similar complaints being lodged against Stone’s friend and Trump’s.

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